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Current Projects

Name: Star-Wars RPG
Language: Javascript
Preview: View the source code at VTests
Description: An RPG in which you choose which group you would like to join: Jedi, Sith, or Neutral, and your group is displayed in your mini-profile.

Name: Image Slideshow
Language: Javascript
Perview: View the source at VTests
Description: A code that creates an image slideshow in which you may choose to have the images change automatically or by clicking some text.

Name: User Quick-Links
Language: Javascript
Perview: View the source at Vtests
Description: This code creates an additional tr and td in the menu bar table that lets you customize links, and certain users are restricted to certain links.

Name: PHP Guestbook
Language: PHP
Preview: None Yet
Description: A full-featured guestbook with CSS stylings, website URL and email validation, a partial IP tracker, and more. It is also availible in a minimal version in which you may add your own features.
Download: Here

Name: Template Set 1
Language: XHTML/CSS
Preview: None Yet
Description: A series of website templates that are very effective. They are in the structure of the Viewers Design website. Each one comes with preset CSS stylings and gradients and a banner-background.

For more projects, view the source code at Vtests.

VBScript Tutorial

By Joeman

VBscript is a browser scripting language like javascript, and is inserted into an HMTL document. You also start a VBscript code section by placing: <script type="text/vbscript"> in the HTML document. The VBscript code section ends with: </script>. VBscript Variables The proper way to declare a variable is VBscript is to declare its type first: dim, public, or private. Since this is a VBscript basics tutorial we'll just use dim. VBscript Functions/Subroutines Subroutines are kind of like Javascript functions. They contain a good section that can be called on by using: call. Here is an example:
<script type="text/vbscript">
sub mySub()
alert("This is a subroutine")
end sub
call sub()

NOTE: VBScript is a Browser Script only designed for IE