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Short Member History

The original founders of Viewers Design were Jake Miller (OzloSoft), and Sam Kumar (Pure). Jake became busy with schoolwork in high school and Joeman was hired. Simon was also hired as a manager of the forum (which is going to soon be replaced along with the code index with a phpBB forum), but quit very soon and those duties went to Joeman, and at some point in time, Simon was the news manager, but he quit because he didn't like calculators anymore (at that point in time, Viewers Design only made Calculator programs). Vladik was also hired, but he was dormant and is considered to have quit now.

How did it come to be?

One day in September 2004, Jake invited Sam over to his house. Like most of the school, Jake was one to play "PuzzPack" at school, not realizing the full potential of his calculator. Sam, on the other hand, didn't have a link cable (calc-calc like even Jake had!) so he never got any games. In a study hall period in the Library later that month, another kid with a TI-84+ had a ton of games that were transferred to Sam's calculator, and then to everyone else's (they were all for MirageOS, and Sam had gotten MirageOS from his friend, James, via calc-calc link and became the first in his school to get and transfer MirageOS but was never given credit for that! >:( !!!). That is how Sam got his games. Back on track, at this point, Sam had been perusing his manual and had begun to program calcs. He spotted Jake's manual sitting under a giant pile of books and pointed it out. Jake found it fascinating and asked Sam to train him in the art of TI-BASIC. Thus, Sam became Dark Lord of the Calcs and Jake became Darth Miller, Calc Apprentice!
Viewers Design began in late October 2004, when, in an Algebra class, Sam was showing Jake how to make a TI-BASIC program be run by MirageOS (this is, obviously, by putting a second colon on the first line). Sam just typed in a random name for the program, and it turned out to be "VUTON". Sam was fascinated by this. Later, in November of the same year, Jake put forth an idea that they should start a programming company named Vuton. They were the only two in school who could code in TI-BASIC. In late November, Sam recieved his TI-GRAPH LINK cable (black) and began downloading and sending programs to and from his computer. Three Fridays from then, Jake bought a USB Silverlink from Staples. On December 12, 2004, on a Saturday morning, Sam completed Vuton OS beta, a homework manager that he had been working on for about two months. It recieved about 20 downloads the first day and is now up to about 300 (pretty pathetic, huh?).


Current Staff

Sam Kumar: President - mostly makes graphics (every graphic and gradient on the site by him); from now on only he posts the news; he also does CSS and XHTML websites and wrote this website; Also known as Pure, or VutonCEO on older sites. (hence the name VutonCEO)

Joeman: Head Coder - mostly programs in PHP and Visual BASIC; does a bit of calculator programming as well; creator of the VDesign code index. He is also known as bfr.

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