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New Site Template

March 18, 2006

I have been looking at the site for a while and even after the retouches, it wasn't good enough. The banner is not long enough and has horrible resolution. The HTML is full of junk. Also, the CSS leaves much to be desired and the color scheme is a bit dark. Last night, I decided to get started on a new template. I first consulted the site I usually go to before making new templates:, Anykey's site. I used some base CSS from there, but quickly found it was useless for what I was tryign to create. But, it was midnight and he

Viewers Design produces website!

March 16, 2006

I am happy to announce that Viewers Design has produced a website for someone else. It happens to be Pure's friend. It is about Tennis and uses a very similar site structure to this one. It consists of a stylesheet and a few XHTML pages, all fully valid. It uses a green template with no gradients, and no banner. However, the background with a large white text makes for a good heading. That makes for faster loading times when the awardspace server is still fast. It is, speaking of which, hosted at AwardSpace, too! Here is a link to the site:

Click Here


Beware the Ides of March!

March 15, 2006

Nah, just kidding around, but do not forget and be ignorant of the Ides of March, especially if your name is Julius or Julian or Julie, or even if your birthday is in July! Also, a happy belated Pi Day to all. Yesterday was Pi Day, and no news article was made (stupid me), but I was busy with some website updates!
We may not completely switch the design, but make it much better. I have been working on the design recently, as well as making several content updates. If you notice, the navigation bar is in the process of being gradientized. I will try to make the gradients aligned and perhaps have a transparency effect. The fonts have changed ever so slightly. I have adjusted the width of our main content to fill up more of the page, as well. In the future, with, perhaps some PHP, every news post can be accompanied by a custom graphic (avatar) of the person posting it. For now, we will sign our names at the bottom of our post. The banner will also be updated as it is horrendously out of theme and too wide. I have made a solid color background as opposed to an image to help the banner blend better. Once I figure out some new graphic skills, I may be able to integrate it into the tiled background. Maybe taking a PrintScreen and selecting the blank area and putting it as the background would work. You may also have noticed a subtle change in that we have integrated back the date bars to our posts. There is also a new, better format to it.
Also, be sure to see, in the future, PHP being used more generously as opposed to XHTML and CSS, simple as they are. We will put back the poll when a PHP version is finished. Hopefully, bfr will be kind enough to add his guestbook code to the site itself. In the future, look for me to handle all content updates and graphics as well as CSS and the basic XHTML. Bfr will handle calculators and PHP and all of that jazz. Also, be sure to see an updated graphics archive, complete with more images and all of them with a subtle watermark. Look for those future changes and enjoy the ones we have!